Do you see the dragon or its just my mind?

Do you see the dragon or its just my mind?

This is an image I shot last summer in Mallorca, in a colorful morning, right after sunrise. I wake up pretty early so I took my camera just to see the sunrise colors and the small city quite and without the hordes of tourists. The sunrise location was not so good as the sun was raising from below Formentor tops but that day, the clouds were nice , coming fast from the middle of the island to the sea.

I wondered for some minutes but there was nothing really interesting to shoot. Suddenly the clouds were back lit by the sun and they were looking like a giant dragon. I took couple of quick shots. One minute later, they were spread on the sky due to marching with different speed. The dragon was gone.
I haven’t processed the image last year and I almost forgot about it. Some other pictures popped up as more interesting, then other new images were shot. However yesterday, back from work, I had a strange thought about exactly this image. I was just watching some boring shapes on the night sky and suddenly the dragon like clouds from Mallorca popped into my head. I had to process it and thats what I did.
So, do you see the dragon or its just my mind?


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