Best 10 images in 2017

2017 was a pretty decent year in terms of traveling and photography. It started with a total let-down when our long planned trip in Iceland, supposedly the highlight of the year was cancelled last minute and we had to find something else in hurry. It was Holland and a chase for famous windmills; despite some decent shots in the few moments when rain was letting us taking camera out, it obviously didn’t compared to the marvelous Iceland.

The autumn brought 2 trips : North of Spain and Brittany coasts. Beautiful scenery, amazing geological elements and a so-and-so weather with few decents sunrises and sunsets. But few great photographic moments that we will always remember. Costline is probably the place where we feel the best and we always have good time facing the wind and avoiding getting wet feet in a growing tide.

 The top is completed with few images shot around Copenhagen. They are different than the regular stuff that I normally photograph, therefore I included them in this top, in order to show a different side and to add variety. One image was shot with my drone in a wonderful forest north of Copenhagen; it has a special story as few minutes after shooting it, the drone got stuck in a tree and I managed to get it back only by terrible luck.

I wish you all a brilliant 2018 and all your wishes shall come true!


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