Swedish coastline - Klagshamn a hidden gem in south of Sweden

Klagshamn is a lovely little harbor in the south of Sweden, not present in any touristic guide. 25 minutes by bus away from Hyllie Station. And one of the targets in our Swedish coastline scouting in a sunny Saturday of late November.

The harbor is couple of kilometers away from the bus stop and we walked through the forest on a relaxing hiking path. People running, walking their dogs , all smiling and saying hello; and us willing to get on the coast, to search for some minimalist opportunities, involving or not the ├śresund bridge. The bridge is a symbol for the south of Sweden and is visible from almost everywhere across the coastline, and an interesting composition balance element for a seascape. Just out of the harbor there are some industrial facilities, not used for many years.

While in harbor, a bunch of colorful houses (or more huts if you want to accurately describe them) are surrounding the main water channel. A few boats anchored, very few people doing some repairing work. The colorful huts are empty but still have some signs of the live during the summer: some colorful blinders and fish models in the windows, some dried flowers, tables and benches a bit dusted. The huts are of different shapes and different colors, just a shelter for the fishermen during the summer.  At the end of a bunch, a bit distant, a small red house with a fish sign on the roof and some tools hanged on the wall. After it, there is just the sea with the bridge as a distant reminder of the civilization and modernity.

The picturesque hut makes such a great subject for a long exposure image. All the details and textures of the hut itself, of the surrounding plants and stones are so appropriate for B&W photography. You cannot see the color but you can guess it. You can see instead the character, the mood and get a feeling of this remote place where people smile at you and say hello. I am curious to see this place during the summer, smell the fresh fish and enjoy the frenzy of the boats going in and out of the harbor.


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